New Fall 2011-Winter 2012 Walt Disney World discounts

There is a new Walt Disney World resort discount available for most dates (excluding a week before Thanksgiving and a week and a half during the Christmas holiday) between October 30, 2011 and February 20, 2012.  There is also still a Free Dining offer available–so who benefits from this room-only offer?  There are two main groups:

  • People who have already booked trips on dates that did not qualify for the Free Dining offer
  • People who are booked in Deluxe or Deluxe Villa resorts with a small number of adults in the room.

These room-only offers carry a variety of percentage discounts for various resorts.  Please visit our Walt Disney World Discounts and Offers page for the full details, and then contact us at (800) 883-1535, ext. 24 or for quotes or to book your trip.  Even if you have already booked your trip, we can help!  Contact us for details on how we can save you hundreds of dollars–even if you have paid for your trip.

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